• Can you customize the feature of the product?

    We can do customization upon customer's detailed requests/drawing. From the case design to the tool feature, we will do our best to fulfill our customer’s needs.
    For confidentiality, there won’t be third party involved with the product designing because we want to give assurance not to disclose the information that the customer has given to us
  • What makes RIO TOOLS different?

    Compared to other companies who mostly outsource their products, we RIO TOOLS manufacture 90% of it in-house.

    For this reason, we can offer competitive price as well as the assurance of its quality and design.
  • Is there a MOQ (minimum order quantity) or MOV (minimum order volume ) per order?

    • The MOQ is around 300 pcs/ per item depending on the product
    • The MOV is USD30,000 per order.
  • Where are your raw materials from?

    Our raw materials are of the highest quality and come directly from CSC (China Steel Corporation) the largest government-owned company in Taiwan. 

  • What kind of packaging service do you offer ?

     We offer 5-layer corrugated outer carton, color box, color sleeve, stickers etc. In addition, we customize packaging upon customer’s demand/request. For more details please contact us
  • Can I order small quantities from you?

    No, as an OEM manufacturer we only do mass production. We have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 300pcs/per item and a minimum order volume (MOV) of USD 30,000. However, we can refer you to our self made brand, we will give you link upon request
  • Which material are your products made of?

    Manufactured from high-quality materials including improved Chrome Vanadium Steel, and Molybdenum which extends the life ability 10 times the DIN standard.
  • Does RIO TOOLS offer a quality test report?

    Yes, to ensure the highest quality products for our valued customers.
    We offer a free quality test report
    • Dimensional check report
    • HRC Hardness test
    • Torque Test
    • Nickel and Chrome thickness test
    • Salt spray testing report
  • How long has RIO been manufacturing tools?

    We’ve been in this industry for over 4 decades already.
  • What product finish do you provide?

    We can provide various high quality finish. for example: mat finish, polish finish, Facom finish, 2 tone finish with knurling, 2 tone finish with color band and grooves to choose from.  All upon request
  • Once we sent our inquiry, when will RIO TOOLS respond?

    Usually for normal items within our product range we will respond within 24 hours.
  • What can you do to help RIO TOOLS speed up the quote process?

    Please make sure to send completed product description and contents with clear photos, our representatives will reply to your inquiry immediately once we receive it.